Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan & Goals

Comprehensive Plan

This broad-based strategic planning tool guides the future of parks, facilities and recreation programs and provides direction to the District for redevelopment, growth and enhancement of its park and open-space system that includes open space, parks, trails and recreation over the next three years.

2017 Comprehensive Plan

Strategic Plan

The 2018-2021 Wheeling Park District Strategic Plan creates direction for the future allocation of resources, financial stability, staffing levels, internal support and communication, organizational culture efforts, and the capacity for learning and growth. This Plan is the result of the collaborative efforts of Park District staff, Leadership Team, and the Board of Commissioners. It was prepared with input from the Community Survey conducted by Leisure Vision, and supports the Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan provided by PROS Consulting, Inc.

The strategic planning process creates a better sense of order and channels resources in a direction that yields the greatest benefit to Park District resident taxpayers and other guests, focusing efforts on what is truly important for the organization. The Park District’s strategic initiatives and targeted outcomes include:

Strategic Initiative Targeted Outcome
Quality Guest Services and Experiences Guest Loyalty and Retention
Improvements in Internal Processes and Systems Effectiveness and Efficiency
Establish Long-Term Financial Strategies Financial Stability
Developing Community Relationships Community Partnerships
Continuous Learning Environment Motivated and Knowledgeable Employees
Environmental Stewardship Culture of Environmental Responsibility

2018-2021 Strategic Plan


Each year, the Wheeling Park District sets goals that guide the District in best serving the community. Goals are derived from the Strategic Initiatives set in the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.

2019-2020 Goals